What AKA Has To Say About Cassper Nyovest Getting More SAMA Nominations: “It’s no problem for me. I’ve proven myself. Has he proven himself? Time will tell.”

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So AKA finally explains why he and Cassper Nyovest had a young beef, well sort of.

King Doro believes that him and Cassper’s rivalry was actually fan and media driven nothing more nothing less. This ‘revelation’ comes after the two rappers were yesterday nominated in the same 21st annual South Africa Music Awards categories three times.

These categories being: best male artist, best rap album, and best collaboration.

Cassper Nyovest however received two more nominations over AKA’s mere 3 nominations; best newcomer and best album.

And once again this makes Cassper the most nominated Hip Hop artist for this year’s SAMA’s.

AKA had quite a few things to say about the nominations and to clarify the actual reasons behind his beef with Nyovest: “I think the fans and media are perpetuating the antagonism with Cassper.

“At the end of the day we live in South Africa, and South Africa always supports the underdog.

“I’m not the underdog any more. I’ve been here for six years. I’m established. It’s no problem for me. I’ve proven myself. Has he proven himself? Time will tell.”

AKA goes on to say that he’s pleased with the categories he was nominated in and he looks forward to the awards show.

“I’m happy for the three categories that I’m nominated in,” he said.

“But I think I should have got nominated for best video for Congratulate or Run Jozi. Those were really, really good videos.

“Also album of the year, but, hey man, I don’t make the rules.”

It’s reported that Cassper agrees that AKA’s Congratulate should have been nominated in the best video category.

Well regardless of how the rappers feel the nominations are in and now we just wait and see who will walk away most victorious that evening! As always, may the best man win.

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