iFani (@iFani_Haymani) Hits First Day Gold!

ifani golden boy

Word on the street is; going Gold is the new standard for Hip Hop artists in South Africa.

Well kind of, at the end of the day there’s no greater achievement than the achievement of your album going Gold and getting that full recognition your work deserves.

South African Hip Hop artists are finally getting the recognition they want and have always needed. Just last week K.O went Gold and Cassper hit Platinum and AKA plans on being the first English Hip Hop artist to go Gold in South Africa.

iFani’s big dream was to achieve Gold in just a day of releasing his album. Last week Thursday over 17 500 copies of iFani’s album, I Believes in Me (2nd Quadrant), were sold in the first day. iFani needed to sell 20 000 copies to hit Gold.

Today iFani was awarded with a Gold award for his album being the first Hip Hop artist this year to go Gold in the first day.

Congratulations grootman!

iFani Dreams Do Come True…

ifani and gold

iFani Golden Boy…

ifani goes gold

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