Interview With Zimbabwean Rapper Cal-Vin

The young Zimbabwean rapper has been making waves in his city for a while now but this year he managed to break out and enter new markets. His hit song Z’khupan opened doors for the Luveve rapper after the track was played during Cassper’s radio interview on ZiFm Stereo in Zimbabwe’s capital city, Harare. Nyovest immediately fell in-love with the song and started Tweeting about it saying it reminded him of where he came from. They later on shared the stage in Bulawayo and that’s when they made the Z’khupan remix together which has scooped Cal-Vin recognition from various platforms like Hype.


What’s the meaning behind the name Cal-Vin?

I realised when I split Calvin, which is my government name, into two, the meaning changes CAL means Devotional & VIN means conqueror.

When did you get into music?

I started music in 1996, thanks to my cousin Thulani who was trying to turn me into his back up singer  lol.

How long have you been producing?

I started production in 2004 making 10years now and it was because I couldn’t afford studio time and beats so I decided to take matters into own hands lol thank God for that.

What was growing up in Luveve like?

Its just like growing up in any other ghetto, as u know ekasi its about relationships  and each one teaching especially hanging out at the corners (emakoneni).

You have been rapping since 96, what kept you going?

Its the love for the art, I’m jus so passionate about music in general so it’s what I have channelled most of my energy and time to.

Who are your musical influences?

Jay_Z & Snoop Dogg the most although the list is a bit longish lol.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My surroundings, peers my personal experience and life in general.

How do you prepare for shows?

Basically I decide on my set according to the event I am doing, then rehearse it for atleast a week to make sure its gone be flawless.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the game in Zim and what do you think can be done better?

I actually think we growing into notable industry all we pray for right now is that investors would jump in and help take the genre to an income generating level so that we artist cannot just be famous for making good music but also make ends meet.

What issues are you most concerned about in the industry?

Exploitation from music promoters worries me greatly i hope that changes, for growth  sake.

When you were making your hit song Z’khupane did you know it was something special?

Well I kinda thought it was special when he showed interest in the song the day he tweeted about it and when he suggested a remix  it was just the icing on that cake.

How has doing the remix with Cassper Nyovest changed your career?

It has earned me the attention i never thought possible, only making it a  great start to what i assume to b a great 2 -5 years ahead.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

5 years from now I am going to be legendary lyrically and rich lol.

How are you monetizing your music?

I make money through Events bookings or my own concerts plus CD and online sales soon I am venturing into selling merchandise.

What do you do for fun?

I hang with the homies, having drinks, watching comedies or going out with shortie.

Are you currently seeing anyone?

Yes I am seeing someone special to me.

What do you look for in a woman?

Beauty Brains Loyalty & Sense of Humor.


Top 5 rappers in the game?



3.Lil Wayne


5.Nicki Minaj

Top 5 dead or alive rappers?




4.Lil Wayne


What can we expect in the 2nd half of 2015 from Cal_Vin?

I’m currently working on my album YEAR OF THE VIN dropping in August, its gone be hard to ignore me with this project

What advice can you give to up and coming rappers?

Put in work on marking yourself as a brand and be consistent in doing that also stay hungry for success because only those putting in  work eat in this game

Any words of wisdom to the youth?

Don’t be scared of the future Make plans for it

Where can your fans reach you?

Catch me on Twitter: @IamCal_Vin  | Instagram: @IamCal_Vin | Facebook:IamCal_Vin | Soundcloud: IamCal_Vin or visit my website

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