Ricky Rick Talks About Using Drugs

Both Riky Rick and Trevor Gumbi have had drug problems in their past and have both managed to overcome the predicament. Looking at Riky’s life now you would have never thought the man was once hooked on cocaine, this is because he managed to overcome it, turn his life around, be the one giving advice to addicts and inspiring the youth to do good within their lives.

Riky rick...

Trevor Gumbi is not usually serious so it’s hard to take him seriously lol, I guess that’s because of his job but in these recording you can tell the issue is close to the man’ heart and doesn’t want the youth to find themselves in similar situations as the one he was once in.

All in all the main lesson I personally learnt from the conversation about their past’s is you never see it coming you just get to see it go. It’s best to stay away from substances and keep reaching for your dreams instead.

It’s never too late and everybody deserves a second or third chance:

How you get trapped:

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