Yanga Talks About His Childhood And How Run Jozi Changed His Life

Yanga who recently dropped his hit single Mantshingilane’s music video spoke to us about his childhood and how AKA’s track he feature on called Run Jozi has changed his life. Check out what Yanga had to say about his childhood and how Run Jozi changed his life:

Yanga mantshi

Where did you grow up and what were you like?

I grew up in Queenstown, in a double  story house, that Honda with the lights that flick up parked in the garage. Didn’t last long. By Grade 4 my dad lost his job and we were staying together in a one bedroom flat with my mom and my 3 siblings. My dad started a new business and bought a house in the burbs. He passed on before we moved in. So I went through high school with a single mom struggling to pay for a house she couldn’t afford to buy to begin with. I was the intellectual rebel, always in detention for saying too much, had issues with authority. Always looked and dressed different, always misunderstood. That’s why I came to Joburg. To find like minded people.

How did Run Jozi change your life?

I always had a plan to make the jump from film to music, when Run Jozi came out I had completed the initial plan. Sometimes these things never actually happen, I’m glad I took my shot. I quit as a senior editor the day I found out Run Jozi was gonna be the next single. It was crazy coz I was going to work from 9-5 then hitting the studio from 7-3am. Since Run Jozi dropped, studio is what I do everyday, it’s my life. I love it. Don’t put much above it.

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