SA Rappers And Their International Features Part 1

The worlds Hip Hop artists have been influenced somehow by the American rappers and getting features from them is almost considered a status symbol. We have seen our local artists feature game grow every year and it’s now clear that anytime from now one of our rappers is going to do a song with one of the biggest rappers at a given period. Check out the tracks our artists have done with international artists:

1. Anatti ft Dj Khaled – Bananaz

anatii khaled

2. HHP ft Nas – Keledimo


3. Cassper Nyovest ft Talib Kweli – Doc Shebeleza Remix


4. Cassper Nyovest ft Dj Drama & Anatii – Ghetto

cassper1 (1)

5. Cat Dahia ft Da LES – Clocks


Click Here For Part 2

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