“Most people ignore your success but rather celebrate your failure” Says Riky Rick

Riky Rick has been working on his sophomore album which is meant to come out sometime this year even though the official release date has not been announced. His debut album was a success and its about time the Boss Zonke gave us new music.

riky rickss

The rapper sold Gold with Family Values, he has also released a documentary titled Exodus which has been very topical in the last couple of weeks. The documentary shows us that music videos can still improve even though our quality is now good.

Riky Rick was nominated for a couple of Metro Awards but walked away without any trophies which was very unexpected. “Most people ignore your success but rather celebrate your failure. Thats how people are… Don’t let it get to your head. Keep faith” Boss Zonke¬†tweeted.

Most people:

riky rickk

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