AKA’s Mother Publicly Asks To Meet Bonang

AKA’s mom is waiting to meet Bonang and she publicly asks to meet her. Clearly there has been a lot going on between the Supa Mega and the mother of his child. In the last couple of months, DJ Zinhle has spent time with several enemies of her baby daddy and even though AKA kept quiet about it, it got to him.


After Zinhle posted a picture of herself wearing one of Euphonik’s new Nonke T-Shirt, the rapper opened up about how he has been having a hard time getting his daughter from his baby mama’s house. “There are days I can’t even get into the complex I used to live in to pick my daughter up” the rapper said on Twitter. He also shared how he is hurt by the fact that his mom fvcks with Zinhle more than she does with him.

His mom stepped in and gave her two cents: “I have apologised for where I believe I have wronged. I am not perfect. For Kairo’s sake, can we all get along and live in harmony?” she asked. @bonang_m and @akaworldwide when you are ready .. I am waiting to meet Bonang as I have offered on numerous occasions” she said. 

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