“Got mad W’s lined up for you browsers” Says K.O

K.O says he has mad W’s lined up for the browsers which is something he always has when he comes out with new material. Mr Cashtime has been making history for a long time and he became even bigger when he went solo.

Got mad W's lined up for you browsers says K.O

The Dust Gawd released his groundbreaking single that we know as Caracara after he released a real rap record titled ‘Mission Statement’ which was produced by the Grammy Award-winning producer Brian Soko.

This year we saw K.O releasing a real rap record titled Papa Action but the fans were wondering why he didn’t give us a Caracara instead. Mr Cashtime then explained that he always start with a rap record that sets the pace for the season before he gives us the big one which will be dropped this month!

Mad W’s lines up:

Got mad W's lined up for you browsers

July and August:


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