AKA Explains What Life Should Be About For A Celebrity

AKA explains what life should be About for a celebrity. The Supa Mega has been getting bigger and bigger and he has managed to take his influence to different places that aren’t rap and his philosophy gives you a deeper understanding.

AKA Life Celebrity

Doro Mega is known for collaborating with artists who aren’t even as famous as him such as Laylizzy from Mozambique. The rappers was even on stage with the Supa Mega for the the first show of his Supa Mega Show in Soweto.

AKA has since started a scholarship for up and coming musicians. “THIS LIFE IS ABOUT MORE THAN MAKING YOURSELF RICH AND FAMOUS. ONCE YOU GET THAT. HOW DO YOU USE IT???” said AKA.

How do you use it:

aka explains life

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