Top 5 Hip Hop DJs Of All The Time

Here we unveil the top 5 hip hop DJs of all the time. If it was not for DJs, hip hop wouldn’t be the global business it is today. Early pioneers like Kool Herc, who plugged his speakers to a NYC lamppost and got the party started. In its formative years, it was all about the DJ. MCs would brag about their DJs’ track selection and scratching ability. Because the DJ dictated which MC could get on the mic. Deejaing is undoubtedly the first element of hip hop that transformed the culture to where it is now. On this this we pay homage to the legendary hip hop pioneers.

1. Kool Herc












2. Grandmaster Flash


3. Funkmaster Flex














4. Jam Master Jay


5. DJ Jazzy Jeff


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