Top 10 Best Rappers In Their 30s

Here we decided to compile a list of top 10 best rappers in their 30s. Rap Game is a youth culture, but it cannot be denied that these rappers listed below runs the game even though aging. Here we unveil the top rappers in their 30s, this attests that age ain’t nothing but a number. Check out the compiled list of best rappers in their 30s.

1. Drake, 30

Image result for drake


2. Lupe Fiasco, 34

Image result for lupe fiasco
















3. Danny Brown, 35

Image result for danny brown

4. Pusha T, 39

Image result for pusha t

5. T.I, 36

Image result for t.i













6. Lil Wayne, 34

Image result for lil wayne

7. Kanye West, 39

Image result for kanye west













8. 2 Chain, 39

Image result for 2 chainz

9. The game, 37

10. Fabolous, 39

Image result for fabulous rapper

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