Are AKA And Nicole Nyaba A Thing Now?

Are AKA And Nicole Nyaba A Thing Now?

Are AKA And Nicole Nyaba A Thing Now? For quite sometime now AKA and Nicole Nyaba have had to answer questions on whether they were ever together. Whilst AKA was dating Bonang, there were allegations flying around that he had cheated on her with the Instagram vixen.

Nicole Nyaba was on Trending SA a couple of weeks ago were she spoke about her relationship with AKA saying that she was never involved with the rapper. It now seems there is something going on between the two, AKA first posted Nicole on his Instagram story a while back and this didn’t raise any flags at the time.

It seems they have been spending a lot more time together. Over the weekend AKA posted a video on his story with Gemini Major and Da L.E.S. Nicole is also shown in the video standing with AKA and is clearly shy of the camera the first time around. She then posted a video with the rapper on her story were she actually twerks for the Supa Mega.

Although the two have been posting each other on their instagram stories, it is as if they are playing hide and go seek with the fans. When Nicole Nyaba begins twerking in the video with AKA, the Supa Mega swiftly disappears in the background.

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