SA Hip Hop Fans React To AKA & Reebok’s ‘Practice’ Visuals

SA Hip Hop Fans React To AKA & Reebok's 'Practice' Visuals

SA Hip Hop Fans React To AKA & Reebok’s ‘Practice’ Visuals! The moves that AKA has been making this year are bigger than anyone had ever expected. The rapper recently dropped the visuals for his collaboration with Reebok exclussively on Trace.

All these years you’ve proved to me that you’re more than just a rapper. All the creative shit you’ve been doing with your endorsements I stan a King ,” tweeted one fan after the video had just premiered on Trace.

According to the rapper, the song will not be part of his upcoming album but is just a collaboration with Reebok. “Practice is not on the album. It’s a song/video made in partnership with Reebok Classics,” tweeted AKA responding to one fan’s tweet asking the rapper about the song.

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