Up Close And Personal With J-Smash

Up Close And Personal With J-Smash

Up Close And Personal With J-Smash! J Smash is undeniably one of the most recognized young producers in the game. He has worked with a number of prominent rappers in the game like A-Reece and Zoocci Coke Dope just to mention a few. We recently spoke to the Producer and he shared his experiences with us. Check out what Smash had to say below.

1. What Are Your Musical Influences And Who Is Your Favorite Musician?

For me it all start with the people and the energy around me. I come from an isolated place that is full of dreamers and I know the young people there got my back and they are huge influence to me because I am one of the same movement. My Favorite Musician Is Dj Khaled.

2.What Are Some Of The Difficulties You Have Faced As A Musician?

It Has Always Been Being Disrespected n undermined for being an unknown musician not because I am not good but just because I am not well known.

3. Who Is On Your Dream Collaboration?

AKA and ASAP Rocky

4. What Are The Biggest Highlights Of Your Career?

Working with the greatest artist(s) in SA and Reaching over 160K views YouTube + as an independent Dj/Producer.

5. Would You Ever Sign With A Recording Label?

I doubt I would ever sign to a major, at least not now.

6. What Are Your Thoughts On The Currrent State Of The Game?

I’m loving the energy man, seeing young people being more and more with being themselves and telling their own stories. The internet has made it possible to cut the middle man out and it’s honestly exciting for me because now we as the DJ’s have a viarety of young talented artists to work with.

7. When Did You Start Taking Music Seriously And When Did You Take It As A Career?

Took music seriously when I was in grade 9 and took it as a career in grade 12

8. Why The Name J-Smash And What Does It Mean To You?

It’s a name I got from my friends because my friends used to call me jomo( when I was a problem with diski ?) so when I started production they Just called me J, So this one time they where like “ man you always smashing this beats” then they started calling me J-Smash

9. How Do You Describe Your Own Style As A Musician?

People going to get more familiar with my style on my upcoming Ep Title *The Rise Of A King*, So it’s More Of Musical Hip-Hop it’s a  fusion of Trap/Hip-Hop But it’s Musical.

Top 5 SA Hip Hop Artists

      1. Kwesta
      2. AKA
      3. Cassper Nyovest
      4. EMtee
      5. Shane Eagle

Top 5 Local Producer

        1. Tweezy
         2. Mashbeatz
         3 BrianBeatz
         4. BLFR
         5. Whichi 1080

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