DJ Sliqe Breaks Down His ‘Navy Black’ Album

DJ Sliqe Breaks Down "Navy Black" And His Journey To Producing

DJ Sliqe Breaks Down His ‘Navy Black’ Album! DJ Sliqe is one of the most recognisable Hip Hop DJ’s in the country serving us with a number of hits like Do Like I Do. 

We recently caught up with DJ Sliqe who broke down the processes of creating his latest album Navy Black and his transition from being a DJ to also venturing into production.

How long did it take you to compile Navy Black?

“This one two months. I have been working on a lot, besides the music, myself and skills. More than anything we were still pushing the first album, so as soon as I dropped the last video from Volume 1 last year Oceans, That was for me the end of the journey. From there, that’s when I started working on new ,music, I started on Do It For Me,”

The Journey To Navy Black

“I Started working on Injayam Volume 2, we had produced about maybe 10 to 13 songs but we had not created any Hip Hop beats yet, so then we started creating the Hip Hop for Volume 2, then we over created again. So we were like OK cool, this is actually two albums, so we started with the Hip Hop because that’s what I’m known for, so all the Hip Hop meant for Volume 2 is on this one,”

What got you to decide you want to produce your own music?

“In every thing you do there’s like a roof. The thing is I really move in the shadows, so all the gigs that DJ’s would want to go play at, i had already played at lowkey and I also realised that if you look at well known DJ’s around the world, which DJ do you know does’n’t have music,”

At which point did you actually decide to start producing?

“With my first song Do Like I Do, we had the hook Do Like I Do written already you know, when Kwesta came in he sang the hook and added his own input, and that’s when I realised it’s not that tough,”

What was the reason behind pushing back the album release?

“We changed the design of the artwork of the album because we printed it and I saw what it looked like printed and it didn’t look as well as I had invisioned it so we revisited the design and made it a little more presentable,”

From a DJ/Producer’s Perspective, what are the challenges you face working on a body of work?

“I think the only real challenge I face is Matching talent. So there’s a whole lot of other songs that I’ve heard a different type of voice and we don’t have the talent in SA to match my idea,”

Who did the tag for your beats?


What are your top five SA Hip Hop Projects Of all time

I love A-Reece’s album “From Me To You”, Emtee’s “Avery” will be number one for me, “Injayam Volume 1”, “Dakar II” and “Skhanda Republic 1”

Top 4 SA Hip Hop artists 

Emtee, Sjava, A-Reece and Kwesta

What advice do you have for upcoming artists

“Be patient, know what you doing, map out your life you know because people want to release one song and blow, how?”

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