Fans On Whether Negativity Towards AKA Is Because He’s Colored

Fans On Whether Negativity Towards AKA Is Because He’s Colored! The fact that AKA is one of the biggest Hip Hop artists in the country is undeniable who also has a lot of people who hate him.

This past Saturday the rapper had a performance in Potch were he was unfortunately rushed of stage by Hip Hop fans who did not want to see him perform. This incident raised questions from AKA whether the negativity shown towards him is because he is colored which he went on Twitter to raise towards his fans.

Some fans responded to the rapper blaming his ego for the hate shown towards him whilst some confirmed AKA’s suspicions. “When your album came out and I was hyping it a friend of mine told me straight that he doesn’t like your music because you’re coloured,” tweeted one fan.

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