Fans React To Lvovo’s Video Making Fun Of Cassper’s #FillUpMosesMabhida

Fans React To Lvovo's Video Making Fun Of Cassper's #FillUpMosesMabhida

Fans React To Lvovo’s Video Making Fun Of Cassper’s #FillUpMosesMabhida! Cassper has become one of the most influential names in the entertainment industry at the moment.

The rapper’s influence also puts him in the spotlight and has a lot of celebrities taking shots at him on several occasions. The most recent was Lvovo who posted a video of himself with two of his friends making fun of Cassper and his Fill Up Moses Mabhida concert. Cassper saw it and shared the link on Twitter asking his fans what they thought.

“Really wasn’t necessary honestly.. How you gon hate on someone that pulled off something so amazing & successful and not forgetting they’re like thousands of steps ahead of you? HOW,huh Batho ba borah jo,” tweeted one of the rapper’s fans responding to the tweet.

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