K.O Talks About Teargas Reunion, New Album & Skhanda World

Rapper K.O has in his recent video clip opened up by answering the questions he has been receiving the most from fans – one of those questions being about the reunion of Teargas. The reason of him pouring his heart out was to loosen the heavy weigh he claims to have been carrying around for a while.

The Skhanda Love hitmaker made it precisely clear that Teargas will not ever release music together or be seen performing in the same stage as a group although there is no beef.

He added that he is working with Ma-E on one of his ongoing projects as proof that the end of the group is not personal, but when it comes to Ntukza he implied that they can never both work together.

He said that 2019 is a year to make best of his Skhanda World brand and will be focusing on that included his upcoming album ‘Vokals’.


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