Lil Nas X Defends Album Art Cover He’s Accused Of Copying From Drake

Lil Nas X caught himself under fire when he released the cover of his album ‘Never The Same’ almost resembling the one of Drake which fans accused him copying.

From anyone who looks for a second it looks similar but the rapper explained the differences of the covers. “I’ve decided to title the album ‘nothing was the same’ here’s the artwork my team and i worked very hard on.”

He had come forward to defend the cover of his art by saying that “people come up with anything now a days to say you’re copying. the shades of blue are very different too.”

He wrote another tweet comparing the two images highlighting the composure of the face and the hues of the blue colour. “peep how i’m looking up and drake looking straight ahead. also notice the different hues of blue. they look nothing alike. people be reaching when u at the top.”

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