SA Hip Hop Biggest Scandals Of 2019 By Far

One thing most of us can agree on is that the sandals and beefs add a tasteful flavor to Hip Hop.

This year like any other we have had a number of scandals that kept us all on our toes because they were just too lit. It is always a guarantee that some certain rappers or just anything about Hip Hop will have some interestingly unexpected thing happen.

It has been proven now that most Hip Hop fans want to know about their favorite musician’s lives just as much as they want their music. Listed below are 5 of many scandals that caught the attention of many news lovers because they were just that interesting.

Here are SA Hip Hop Biggest Scandals Of 2019 By Far ;

1.Boity getting accused of stealing “Bakae”

A certain female rapper by the name of Karen now located in the UK publicly claimed that Boity stole the style of her song Cake which he dropped over a year ago. Karen even took the matter to lawyers and was adamant on getting justice for her claims. Boity never addressed the matter publicly.

2. Fruit Flavour Battle Between Cassper & AKA

When people are beefing even the smallest of things become a big deal. AKA and Cassper are ambassadors to the biggest beverage brands Cruz and Ciroc respectively, for some reason Cassper being a genius that he is on marketing he claimed that Ciroc SA will be launching a watermelon flavor which AKA has of the Cruz Vodka, even US star P.Diddy became part of the whole watermelon squabble. Later Cassper shared that he was just messing around but Ciroc will be launching a new flavor in SA it just won’t be a watermelon.

3. DJ Sbu claiming to be an SA Hip Hop Ambassador on Nipsey Hussle’s memorial

DJ Sbu took the second spot on the twitter trending list when around the time of Nipsey Hussle’s death he flew to LA to pay respect to his passing where community members held a memorial for him. It was all sad and good until Mr Hustler claimed that he was the South African Hip Hop Ambassador. It came as a shock because no one knew anything about that in SA except him. His comeback was that he appointed himself, he doesn’t believe in waiting around for people to pick and appoint him.

4. Scoop Makhathini dragging girlfriend online then claiming he was hacked

Scoop became a big topic on twitter when he posted a pic of his girlfriend with a caption that roughly stated how his girlfriend was the worst person he ever met and that he loathes her. It later emerged that the girlfriend was allegedly cheating on him with a man she in the past claimed was just a friend. Scoop claimed his account was hacked and that he wasn’t the one who wrote that tweet.

5. Cassper’s Family Tree reportedly owing SARS millions

According to Sunday World Cassper’s stable Family Tree was sinking in debt owing SARS tax over R3 Million. Mufasa never publicly denied nor admitted the claims brought forward.

Aphelele Peyana

Aphelele Peyana is a seasoned journalist at SA Hip Hop Mag. You can contact her on sahiphopmag@nine80.com

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