Cassper’s Beef With Prince Kaybee Makes A Nasty Turn Including Fight Challenge

If your thought that Cassper’s feud with Prince Kaybee was over then you in for a surprise because another bomb has been dropped and caused a titanium on Twitter.

Earlier today actor and musician Anga Makhubalo got dragged into the beef between the two artists who got into it about bodies leading to name calling and a challenge to the fight. Prince Kaybee said that Cassper is a “shotpan” with smalls arms while Cassper said he has “bad bitch” tendencies.

“Guys so wonke umntu oposter ingalo zakhe uKwi competition with Cassper and Prince? Kudala siPoster nje 🤷🏾‍♂️ give us a break 😂😂😂😂 SOZE SINGA POSTI!!!! 🤣 tshii” said Anga who’s tweet was retweeted by Cassper who called Prince Kaybee a “Princess”.

“Lol… You’re right my dude. It’s not a competition…. You have been training for years too… That bad bad called Princess Kaybee is the one who made it a competition talking about how he has bigger arms when he uses apps to make his waist smaller like a typical bad bad. Stupid!”

Here’s Prince Kaybee’s response : “Roberto Carlos mamela mo…,

I saw u running around a 5-a-side pitch. How about you get your best team, I get mine, pick a venue and we settle this‼️? Ai o busy o buwa o le mong for two days now and rona re busy in studio.”

Tweeps couldn’t let this one slide instead the name Princess Kaybee is trending at this moment.

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