Flex Rabanyan Chimes Into The Beef Of Sizwe & Vusi Which Has Set Twitter Alight

Flex Rabanyan Chimes Into The Beef Of Sizwe & Vusi Which Has Set Twitter Alight. While most people were busy stressed out about the social media networks being down last night, Sizwe and Vusi were busy throwing balls of fire at each other igniting a beef that began a while ago.

The twar got heated up too quick resulting in their names trending. Sizwe Dhlomo is the one who initiated the twar by poking fun at Vusi Thembekwayo’s wrist watch implying that it’s fake. Vusi hadn’t responded while Sizwe kept going on – until recently.

“Nobody wins a “Twar”. Even the “bully” has to reduce themselves to levels of pettiness & classlessness that show that they never had decorum, manners or etiquette to begin with.
A real sign of how their parents raised them,” wrote Vusi.

“Mina ntwna my advice to you would be the following. Never be the first to act brolic. Especially if you don’t know who you’re dealing with because you will get the sense beaten into you & then you’ll be left with no choice but to play victim,” responded Sizwe.

Rapper Flex Rabanyan replied on Sizwe’s tweet referring him to 50 Cent, Flex was evidently on the side of Sizwe who earlier this week applauded and praised him for his new business “Thumela Express”.

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