WATCH: Priddy Ugly & YoungstaCPT Debut Online Gangster Film “Hosh”

WATCH: Priddy Ugly & YoungstaCPT Debut Online Gangster Film “Hosh”. Priddy Ugly has unleashed and exposed a new talent through a mini film he just released titled Hosh featuring YoungstaCPT and Wichi1080.

The rapper emphasized that it’s not a music video as most would be quick to assume instead it’s a film directed by Arms Deal and Cider FX Films. Priddy proved with this new release that his skills go beyond into being just a rapper and songwriter. The masterpiece was produced by Nkululeko Mbambo.

The film is 11 Minutes short and has reached over 1000 views since it’s release yesterday. The film portrays the gangster life and possesses the best quality and sound almost feels like an actual film on TV.

Before a lot is given away, watch the film for yourself below and share your thoughts on it:


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