Cassper Posts “Bae” For The First Time In So Long

Cassper Posts “Bae” For The First Time In So Long. Cassper made it clear a number of times that he is not about to repeat the mistake of flexing about his relationship. But it seems he might have slipped this time and it was too late when he realised it.

Nyovest is definitely in a relationship it has now been confirmed but he is constantly driving people away from the idea. His aim of shifting focus is on how he feels his past relationships failed – because they were too much of a centre of attention. The attention they got ended up creating strains. Now the rapper is prepared to be mature about things and keep them undercover.

By far there are speculations on who his girlfriend is but the evidence Twitter detectives come up with seems rather legit. He posted a tweet last night about him going out to the movies with his “bae”. He then deleted the tweet and rephrased it.

“Took bae out to watch a movie but I can’t have popcorn or slush. This is torture I miss my happy life,” read the deleted tweet.

The rephrased part read, “Going out to watch a movie but i can’t have popcorn or slush. This is torture. I miss my happy life. Mxm. 6 pack ke mathata witsi.”

“Imagine going to watch a movie with someone and all you can have is water cause you’re trying to get in shape for a concert. Her on the other hand, the full package!!! Mxm!!! 6 pack problems for #FillUp2019,” he added.

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