Emtee Releases A Statement Announcing His Departure From Record Label Ambitiouz Entertainment

Emtee Releases A Statement Announcing His Departure From Record Label Ambitiouz Entertainment. Emtee has finally shed some clarity on the news that people have long been waiting to hear.

For a while there have been speculations on where Emtee stands with his label Ambitiouz Entertainment. It has now been confirmed on a statement released on his social media accounts that he has parted ways with the stable.

Emtee made it clear since last year that he wanted to depart from AE, because it doesn’t allow him the freedom to be the artist he aspires to be. When he expressed how unhappy he was as an artist, South Africans called for the label to release him through a hashtag #FreeEmtee. Even after the public outcry the rapper remained with the label but it was fast becoming obvious that the relationship he had with it was rocky.

Various publications including City Press and Sunday World reported on the issue over a month ago. City press stated that the reason the rapper has been with AE after proclaiming his wish to leave is because he owes them millions, which meant he had to remain a little bit longer to cover his debt probably through album releases. Sunday World went on to report on how the rapper had his assets repossessed including cars and a house by allegedly the label.

On a recently released statement he made things and highlighted his position. “Following a long and in depth reflection on my career as an artist, where I am now and where I see myself in the next few years I have made a decision that it is time for me to part ways with Ambitiouz Entertainment. This is the decision I didn’t make lightly and without due consideration,” reads part of the statement.

Read Rest Of The Statement Below:

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