How The Beef Between Reason & Pig Spotter Unfolded

How The Beef Between Reason & Pig Spotter Unfolded. Reason has expressed his anger over Pig Spotter’s response to a tweep who expressed his need for help.

Pig Spotter is a name used by a young man called Cliff who established service to keep people on the loop about things concerning traffic around SA. His service has both landed him in cold and hot water.

A tweep posted in need of help for his friend who sold a car to someone who scammed him. He requested that Pig Spotter helps in locating the criminal.

“No. If your friend is stupid enough to let the car go without checking the amount is in his account, that’s his stupidity. He will learn. Besides, that could literally be ANYONE out of the 58 million population,” wrote Cliff.

It was the aforementioned tweet that set Reason ablaze with rage, he stated how he felt his attitude was inappropriate to the situation.

“What an irresponsible response. Plenty people know how to make legit POPs and notifications appear without transactions. For you to have this attitude is really fucked up. You coulda just said “unfortunately we can’t recognize the suspect”. The rest is vile. Do better.

“Also. That 58 million population comment has is just as stupid. Anybody on a camera can be one of the 58 million people in the country. That’s why we use cameras to try and recognize better. People who know him can see. What a Poes attitude to have for someone asking for help,” wrote the rapper.

Pig Spotter responded by saying that he doesn’t answer to Reason if he wants he can unfollow him because he will tweet how he pleases.

“My account, my choice on how to respond. You don’t like it, unfollow. Your opinion means and counts for nothing to me. I’m not accountable to you,” said Cliff.

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