Reason Doesn’t Feel The Songs Of These 5 Rappers Should Be Considered As Hip Hop

Reason Doesn’t Feel The Songs Of These 5 Rappers Should Be Considered As Hip Hop. Reason recently took to Twitter to share his views on the matter of radio airplays for hip hop artists.

The topic was initially intended to discuss why on a list of 50 songs there’s few songs of local rappers. It deviated to him mentioning only 3 songs from the list he considers as hip hop amongst some. He mentioned Ichu by Khuli Chana, Popular by Rouge and Say You Will by K.O.

The list had an addition of Duncan’s Sikelela, Tellaman, Emakamereni by OkMalumkoolkat, John Cena by Sho Madjozi and Yanga Chief’s Juju. Apparently the father of four felt that these other songs didn’t make the cut as hip hop songs just because they are from people who are famous as rappers.

Responding to a tweep who highlighted Duncan Osuna Mang rapper said that his Sikelela track sounds like its Afro Pop. “It sound likes Afro pop. But yo. Let’s include it. That makes it 5 songs with koolkat. Which means 5 outta 50 songs. The rest of the guys had to flip it to get on radio. What does this say about local hip hop?,” he added on.

“Tellamans song is pop. Koolkat was tricky. It’s sounds like a kwaito song. But maybe you right. That would make 4,” tweeted once more Reason.

The reason why he was moved by the Top 50 chart was that he too is looking to worm his way into the charts. “I’m dropping a fucken smash son. I bumped into these charts just to see how big the gap was for me to just walk in.”

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