Stogie T Vents On How The Idea Of How He Got His Name Got Stolen

Stogie T Vents On How The Idea Of How He Got His Name Got Stolen. Tumi claims he is not mad that someone stole his idea but his venting proves otherwise.

The rapper took to twitter to express how he casually shared the story of how he changed his name to Stogie T to a certain person who later used that to his advantage. The rapper implied how the whole process was rather a betrayal on his end.

“I had a chance meeting with dude at the barbershop. We did the small talk thing until it got to ‘why did you change to Stogie T’ broke down the thinking, he got his stuck-in-the-80s cut then left. Months later I seen a proposal for a rebrand with my explaination,” he wrote.

” Not even mad, I am just troubled that the insights I gained came from my very personally experience of the music industry. There are values there one can draw from but you cannot appropriate the shit without empathy and a understanding. This is how you water something down.”

In addition he said that he was just sad that someone was being sold his story without him. “How it loses its essence. Again, I wasn’t mad I was just sad that in a boardroom somewhere some brand manager is getting sold my story without me and worse still they going to try give that story to someone else overlooking his/her story. I know right?,” he added.

Aphelele Peyana

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