Tshego On Why He Decided To Stop Producing Songs For Other Artists

Tshego On Why He Decided To Stop Producing Songs For Other Artists. Tshego has been in the industry for more years than most people know, he just spent most of his time producing more than rapping.

On a recent interview with Slikour the rapper revealed that he decided to focus on his career more than anyone else’s.

The No Tie rapper initially began as an independent artist but later transferred to Family Tree label of Cassper Nyovest. Two years back he permanently left the stable to resume his ride as an independent artist once again. He announced two months back that he has signed up to Universal music.

The venture into his come back has been paying off a lot more this year, he has dropped two singles leading up to the release of his album Pink Panther. The rapper didn’t entirely stop producing for artists, he produced two songs from Nadia Nakai’s album. In addition he has implemented his skills to his upcoming album.

On the interview with Slikour the rapper speaks about everything from his baby, music and his relationship with certain artists.


Aphelele Peyana

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