WATCH: YoungstaCPT Go All Gangster On ‘Old Kaapie’ Visuals

WATCH: YoungstaCPT Go All Gangster On Old Kaapie Visuals YoungstaCPT has finally debuted the visuals of his single Old Kappie, one of the singles from his previous album 3T.

The visuals exceeded people’s expectations the way they have been set up, as usual the rapper took things up a notch and created a masterpiece.

On the video Youngsta portrays a criminal who escapes jail and spits his bars rocking the orange jail overall. As the song describes Youngsta is seen handling an Okapi. The plot of it is fascinating and provides a perception that gives out a movie vibe.

When asked by a fan the rapper said that Old Kaapie music video is dedicated to his grandfather & portrays the era in which he (grandfather) lived.

“It’s for my Grandfathers era who fought the system and died nameless & to inspire our current & future generations to continue the battle in honor of our elders/ancestor,” he wrote.


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