AKA Confronts Celebrities For Playing Part In Perpetuating Fake News About SA Xenophobic Attacks

AKA Confronts SA Celebrities For Playing Part In Perpetuating Fake News About SA Xenophobic Attacks. AKA is still adamant on talking about xenophobia no matter if the hype behind it has died down. He took to social media to stress how the fake news making rounds online caused even more damage.

Supa Mega was unfortunate enough to be caught and dragged in the crossfire of the xenophobic fever. He was bashed by Nigerians who claimed he was xenophobic judging from the past tweet he made in reference to an AFCON soccer match. Ever since then the Fela In Versace hitmaker has been preaching unity amongst Africans.

During the heated protests about Xenophobia, there were videos and images shared online which made it seem like South Africans were killing Nigerians. It turned out that all those news were fake, in fact about 10 South Africans died in the midst of it all.

“10 South Africans dead in last two weeks violence … zero Nigerians. Twitter made you turn on your own country. Sies,” wrote AKA.

He went on to speak about how celebrities had a lot to do with the spread of fake news and must apologize for that.

“Even South African celebrities were duped into thinking we were mass murdering foreigners. I wonder if they will now turn around and send condolences for their own dead countrymen and women.”

AKA was clearly moved by the whole SA violent situation that he even called the country a pure mass.

“Now that we know it’s mostly South Africans who died in the past two weeks violence … it’s almost like it’s okay. We have a disgusting problem with our own self confidence and with violence. What a mess.”

Aphelele Peyana

Aphelele Peyana is a seasoned journalist at SA Hip Hop Mag. You can contact her on

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