Gigi Lamayne Explains The Meaning Behind The Title Of Her Debut EP ‘Job Woods’

Gigi Lamayne Explains The Meaning Behind The Title Of Her Debut EP ‘Job Woods’. Gigi recently had a sit down with Slikour once more and explained what has kept most people confused.

When the femcee first shared the title of his album, most people were left wondering. Some even assumed it’s the name of a person who was somehow in her life.

To shed some clarity Lamayne said that Job Woods is a combination of the names of two different people he decided to turn into one character. Job is the character from a book who has been through the roughest stages in life but managed to live through them. Woods on the side refers to the famous golfer Tiger Woods who was told he wouldn’t make it but he proved people wrong.

Job Woods is basically off the book of Job. It’s story of this merchant who went from zero to hero, he went through all sorts of trials and losing all the important people in his life, losing all his property but he bounced back. And when I was going through my personal issues I remember coming across the whole Tiger Woods saga, and there were images put up him on how he wasn’t going to make it and he gave out a cool smirk and won. I didn’t what to do so i decided to put this character of Job Woods.”

She went on to talk more about the songs on the EP, even revealed what made the album a success after all that she has been through.


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