Here Is How Wale Got Featured On Kwesta’s Spirit

Here Is How Wale Got Featured On Kwesta’s Spirit. Spirit is one of the biggest Hip hop tracks n South Africa, for it to be the best that it is talented people got involved. The single by Kwesta also had Wale as a feature. Produced by Makwa.

On the latest episode of The Recipe which gives out a breakdown of how certain songs came about. The show featured Makwa who is the mastermind behind the single, he laid down the tid bits that led to the success of Spirit.

During his breakdown he mentioned how they got American rapper Wale to feature on the single. He revealed that at first Wale declined because of the beat they sent to him. He agreed to feature when they eventually sent him Kwesta’s hook for the song.

“We sent Wale a different beat and he wasn’t feeling it. We had already recorded a hook for Spirit beat. So I suggested to Kwesta we send it to Wale. I knew he’d appreciate it as an American artist because it’s an authentic sound from South Africa.

Kwesta then told me how Wale loved it shortly after he sent it. He was so impressed, he recorded a verse and sent it immediately, “said Makwa.

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