Kwesta’s ‘Vur Vai’ Character Earns A Newspaper Slot Weekly

Kwesta's 'Vur Vai' Character Earns A Newspaper Slot Weekly

Kwesta’s ‘Vur Vai’ Character Earns A Newspaper Slot Weekly! It seems Kwesta’s 2018 hit single Vur Vai has solidified its place in South African history.

The rapper created a character Vur Vai who he painted as a super hero for the hood in the music video for the song. It was one of the biggest Hip Hop singles from last year which topped charts and reached over a million views on Youtube after a month of the audios release with no video.

Kwesta has decided to take it a step further and has created an animation series for the Daily Sun newspaper which will appear weekly on Wednesday’s.

“I forget things sometimes.. Please check out #CaptainVurvai on @dailysunsa every Wednesday @Robot_Boii,” tweeted Kwesta along with the pictures of the article.

Kuda Nyamz

Editor at SA Hip Hop Mag and Social Media strategist for multiple companies like Shara Hair. Online marketing consultant running a social media growth company based in South Africa

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