Sweden Authorities Reply To A$AP Rocky’s Request To Perform On The Prison They Held Him On

Sweden Authorities Reply To A$AP Rocky’s Request To Perform On The Prison They Held Him On. Sweden police authorities finally tend to the current request of Asap.

Three months back American rapper Asap Rocky traveled to Sweden for a gig which had a bitter ending. After his performance, he was somewhere embroiled in a street fight which landed him in jail.

The Live Fast rapper sent weeks in a jail cell, it was later reported that he was held in a cold and dirty solitary confinement. His release was protested against by the prominent figures including President Trump and Rapper Jay Z.

A few months after he was released he was open once more to perform in the country. To take things up a notch he wanted to perform in the same imprisoned he was jailed in.

According to TMZ, the Sweden authorities his request was dismissed with a humbled “Nah”.

According to the report, Sweden’s Prison and Probation Service told TMZ that the reason behind the denial had to do with “logistical and security” concerns.

‘Well, specifically, the Service cited a high occupancy as the main reason for saying no. There might be other issues, though, based on Rocky’s written request … which TMZ has obtained. In a letter written sent to prison officials Tuesday — in Swedish, no less — AR’s team formally made the ask.

According to the doc, Rocky says he wanted to swing by Kronoberg while he was in town and bring a DJ and what sounds like 11 accompanying performers and tech crew members. He also requested to have 4 to 5 different camera guys there to document it.

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