5 Rappers with the most Grammy awards

Grammy Awards are probably the most important awards in a musician’s career and rappers have won a sizeable amount of Grammy awards over the years. The Grammy Awards are presented by The Recording Academy to recognize achievements in the music industry. See 5 Rappers with the most Grammy awards

1. Jay Z –22 Grammys

Jay-Z has won 22 awards from 77 nominations.

2. Kanye West –21 Grammys

Kanye West has received twenty-one awards from sixty-nine nominations. West received the most nominations at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards for his third studio album Graduation (2007), with eight. The album won in four out of the five rap categories, and West became the first solo artist to have his first three studio albums be nominated for the Grammy category Album of the Year.

3. Eminem –15 Grammys

Eminem has won 15 awards from 44 nominations.

4 Kendrick Lamar –13 Grammys

Kendrick Lamar has won thirteen awards out of thirty-seven nominations.

5. Lauryn Hill –8 Grammys

Lauryn Hill has won 8 awards.

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