Cassper On Why He Considers Himself The Healthiest Artist In SA

Cassper On Why He Considers Himself The Healthiest Artist In SA. Looking into the culture of Hip Hop it is usually assumed by many that every rapper does drugs. For Cassper Nyovest it’s different.

Ksazoba’lit rapper has made it clear in the past how he feels about drugs. He ridiculed rappers who use drugs to get through their days or as a fix to make best of their crafts. When asked if he used any he denied blatantly.

“F**k I hate drugs, bro! I just don’t f**k with them!” he wrote.

A tweep asked whether he did cocaine after he slammed the use of drugs.

Cassper replied: “Never even tried it! Thanks to songs like Jozi City Lights by Morafe. I came to the big city of Johannesburg with a firm mindset that I would never get caught up in the life of drugs. Imagine how heartbroken my mom would be if I snorted my career away. Nah, fam. Ke grand!”

When a fan made a statement of how Cass is one of the rappers who don’t do drugs at all, he reacted by stating “Facts”.

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