10 Things Maglera Doe Boy Can’t Live Without!

10 Things Maglera Doe Boy Can’t Live Without! A few weeks ago, AKA named Maglera Doe Boy one of his top five new wave hottest MCs and when Supa Mega speaks, you should probably take note.

He has made his mark on the Hip Hop scene with his unique style of rapping and his street style he dubbed ‘Strata.’ But what do we know about the rapper who’s about to take the new wave to new heights? Maglera Doe Boy took some time to share his daily essentials with SA Hip Hop. Check them out below.


2.My phone


4.Paid in full (The Movie)


6.Friends and Family

7.My Car

8.Remington Gold (RG)

9.Maglera(The Nickname of the city I grew up in,Klerksdorp)


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