Black Twitter Reacts To Nadia Nakai’s Seemingly ‘Large’ Hand

Black Twitter Reacts To Nadia Nakai’s Seemingly ‘Large’ Hand. One thing that has been been highest as the worst cause of depression amongst celebrities is the backlash from social media. Some have enough thick skin to let it slide while others sink shamefully.

Rapper Nadia Nakai has once more became victim to the judgements and cold views concerning her body features. She recently posted an image of her looking sexy as ever in a gold swimsuit dangling on a pool. The image was taken during a video intake for Major League DJz next project. While some noticed the beauty of her body others noticed her abnormally large hand.

The views were different but since we living in a time of likes and retweets, the most were distasteful.

This isn’t the first time Bragga has been dragged, in 2018 she dominated social media when an image of her without any make-up on made rounds. It affected her but she decided to draw positivity from it as it enevirugared women to post images without make-up.

See Reactions:

Aphelele Peyana

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