Boity Reveals Her Five Year Plan And It Includes Motherhood!

Boity Reveals Her Five Year Plan And It Includes Motherhood. For a number of times now Boity has been expressing how in love she is with motherhood. She recently made it a point that her five year plan includes having children.

Boity has gone through a number of phases in her life while ik the public eye, she dated and broke up with a number of celebrities. She went through her calling from the ancestors to be a Traditional healer. She has grown even professionally expanded her brand in more ways than one. After all her achievements and success she feels motherhood is part of her calling.

“Lately, when I get asked, ‘What’s your five-year plan?’, my answer is simply motherhood. I can’t wait to have children.” she tweeted.

In 2017, the star was snapped with a young fan. When actress Samkelo Ndlovu said Boity is going to make an awesome mother one day, the star replied: “You know my heart. I’ve always believed that motherhood is my ultimate calling. I can’t wait! Thank you, mama.”

A year earlier, she posted a snap of her holding a baby. It was captioned: “One of the things I look forward to the most is starting my own family one day. I have a feeling motherhood is my calling!”

Aphelele Peyana

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