How Shugasmakx Responded When Told Skwatta Kamp Owes SA Hip Hop A Documentary

How Shugasmakx Responded When Told Skwatta Kamp Owes SA Hip Hop A Documentary. How would you love to watch a film unveiling the journey of one of the best Hip hop groups to come out of SA?

It may seem now that SA hip hop is a new thing judging from how it is a predominant genre in the country. The truth is the genre goes a long way back and some of the stars who contributed to it growing are living Legends.

Rapper Shugasmaxx who is a member of Hip hop group Skwatta Kamp gave fans an answer concerning a possible movie about the group. In addition to the group’s members is Slikour, Bozza, Nemza, Smega, Infadizle. The late Flabba was also a vital member of the group. In fact the last they drop music together was a single titled There You Go which was aimed at paying tribute to the slain star.

If you a fan and you were hoping for a movie or a documentary about the group, then you are in luck because it might drop sooner or later. Shuga assured fans with a definite “definitely” that they can expect it.

When the members of the group scattered they didn’t abandon the culture. All of them are still taking part in growing SA Hip Hop, from presenting, to new music, to introducing new talent and mentoring the young ones – they doing it all. Lucky enough all that may be shown on the film they possibly busy cooking.

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