Maraza Expresses Reasons Vital To A Young Rapper Undertaking Formal Education

Maraza Expresses Reasons Vital To A Young Rapper Undertaking Formal Education. Do you believe that formal education plays a major role in how one handles their music careers?

Last week a big question surfaced online in SA Hip hop of whether or not its important for young talented rappers to continue with school. Luckily it was the rappers who replied speaking from experience. Reason made clear that as talented as one can be, education can help flourish that talent.

“As a rapper, He needs to develop other skills or traits. There’s no tertiary education for rapping, so study fields that support it. Business, marketing, film, sound engineering, digital. Anything. Even if it’s self taught. It’s investing in yourself before the world invest in u,” wrote Reason.

To coincide with his statement was Maraza who emphasized how formal education can sharpen the way one handles his career.

“Don’t ever fool yourself or anyone around you! There isn’t a single rapper on this planet who wouldn’t benefit from formal education.

“A simple business management diploma can have MASSIVE impact on how a young rapper approaches his rap-career,” wrote Maraza.

There you have it, talent needs a formal education to be well implemented to a taste that will favour both you and the world at best.

Aphelele Peyana

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