Sho Madjozi Shares Her COVID-19 Testing Journey

Sho Madjozi Shares Her COVID-19 Testing Journey. Sho Madjozi has taken to twitter to share her unpleasant experience while she was trying to get tested for COVID-19.

On Monday, the John Cena hitmaker while responding to a tweep who was accusing her of spreading the wrong information that only people with COVID-19 symptoms were being tested, detailed her ordeal when she was trying to get tested. for COVID-19.

“Stop lying they are not just testing people who ONLY show symptoms. If you’ve been in contact with a confirmed case, you will be tested regardless of symptoms…” the tweep accused Madjozi.

Responding to the tweep, Sho Madjozi highlighted that when she arrived in South Africa from her UK trip she tried getting tested everywhere but was shushed away because she showed no symptoms for COVID-19. She added that she only got assistance after 3 and fortunately for her the results came negative after 5 days.

Tried for 3 days to get tested after I landed from the UK. They refused to test me everywhere because I showed no symptoms. Finally managed to get a test on Tuesday. My negative results came back 5 days later. Sho Madjozi said.

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