Cassper On Claims That Burna Boy Saved AKA’s Music Career

Cassper comments on the Tweezy + Gemini Major IG Musicbattle

Cassper On Claims That Burna Boy Saved AKA’s Music Career. The battle between Tweezy and Gemini Major caused more drama than one would have imagined.

The drama wasn’t between the rappers who directed focus at dishing out dope hits but on the reactions. Counted in the list of rappers who commented on the battle was Mufasa. During the one on one live show Tweezy came through with a weapon single All Eyes On Me by AKA featuring Burna Boy, JR and Da LES which he produced.

Mufasa threw in a comment that caught the attention. He implied that Burna Boy saved AKA’s career. “Back when Burna Boy was saving nigger’s careers with hooks,” he commented on IG.

See below:


Burna has recently collaborated on a new track with Cassper titled Ginger by Airboy. It was decided last when AKA and Burna went against each other on social media that they could never be friends again.

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