Cassper On Why He Won’t Participate In The Viral D*ck Print Challenge

Cassper On Why He Won’t Participate In The Viral D*ck Print Challenge! It’s day twelve of the SA lockdown and people are hella bored. On day eleven, a few days after ladies made the bikini challenge trend, the men came with their own challenge called the #d*ckprintchallenge which needs no further explanation.

One rapper who won’t be participating in that challenge is Cassper Nyovest. The Good For That rapper however addressed it taking to twitter to share his thoughts and reasons why you won’t see his photo on the trending hashtag.

“First of all I’d like to say I just saw the weirdest sh*t on social media. I think y’all losing your minds. Me I’m not participating,” Cassper said laughing. Watch the hilarious video below.

Singer Amanda Black reacted to Cassper’s video agreeing that the lockdown was driving people crazy. If this is only day twelve, we wonder what else peeps will come up with for the rest of the lockdown.

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