5 Times Cassper Bragged Different On Amademoni feat Tweezy

5 Times Cassper Bragged Different On Amademoni feat Tweezy! Cassper and Tweezy dropped their collaboration midnight and it has Hip Hop fans divided on whether it’s a hit or a miss.

One thing anyone cannot deny is how much Cassper has been selling the song making it the most talked about SA Hip Hop song since it dropped. We had a listen to the song and found some interesting lines where Cass bragged different. Check it out below.

1.I just got back and I sat on the throne like I never left

2. Yall niggas follow my stepssssssss

3.I am the boss, I wrote all da songs and I all of my cheque

4.I don’t drugs I do the numbers

5.Stadiums full Raining or thunder

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