Gemini Major 2021 Goals Involves A Feature On Drake’s Next Album

Gemini Major 2021 Goals Involves A Feature On Drake’s Next Album! A couple of days ago SA Hip Hop witnessed the biggest hits battle between Tweezy and Gemini Major. Both producers have done so much for the industry and are responsible for most of your favorite hits.

For Gemini Major, he has his eyes set for a much anticipated album which might be released in 2021 from Drake. The Right Now rapper and producer took to social media sharing his near future goals asking his fans to remember the tweet when it finally happens.

Am going to be on Drake’s album next year. You can favorite this tweet and remind me at the end of 2021,” he tweeted. This is not a far fetched dream considering how talented Gemini is and how great his catalogue is. Also because Drake has made hits with South African artists before, it’s only a matter of time until he comes back to the motherland for more.

One critic responded telling Gemini that it was too big of a dream to which he responded, “Nah,that’s where I plan to be. At this point I don’t know how it’s gonna happen,I just know it will.” Gemini already has a co-sign from DJ Black Coffee who has worked and is friends with Drake.

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