“Kiss my as* bro,” The Big Hash Blasts J Molley’s Manager After Relinquishing Beef

“Kiss my as* bro,” The Big Hash Blasts J Molley’s Manager After Relinquishing Beef. Manager and emerging musician Nave Albers – who is also a friend to Molley decided to chime into the beef.

The views of Nave became noticeable when he exposed Flame’s girlfriend for cheating on him. The allegations accompanied with receipts claimed that Flame got involved to the beef because he was told his was everyone’s girl.

“So@FlvmeSAgot involved cause I told him that his girl is actually OUR girl. Funny Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joy Bro I told you imma show you the rest of the videos she sent me in person why’s it weird now ?! Face with tears of joy,” wrote Nav.

Nave then went on to go against Hash by calling him a liar when he said he was quitting the beef with Molley. The Amnesia rapper called him for being fake.

“And so is J but you don’t see me bitching about things that don’t exist. Don’t tell me it’s all love when all you do is start shit. You’ve manipulated too many people with that line. “It’s all love”, kiss my ass bro. You wack for that shit. Keep it 100 24/7, stop fooling niggas,” blasted Hash.

Here’s Nave;

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