Nasty C Drags Speedsta For Claiming ‘Bamm Bamm’ Was Actually His Song

Speedsta claims he is the brains behind Nasty C single 'Bamm Bamm'

Nasty C Drags Speedsta For Claiming ‘Bamm Bamm’ Was Actually His Song. Nasty C isn’t someone who usually replies or rather engages in controversy, but when Speedsta took claim of his song Bamm Bamm – he reacted.

A number of artists are now making use of the app IG Live for interviews or any interactions fans may find interesting. On a seat down via the app Speedsta and Ms Cosmo got to talking and that’s when he revealed that he actually owned the hit single Bamm Bamm.

“Bamm Bamm by Nasty C, that was actually my song,” said Speedsta on a clip the Bad Hair rapper shared along with a caption of defence.

Hawu @speedstabro cap cap cap. first of all nigga, i made the beat, dropped hook & verse and sent it to you, then you slept on it, so me & pierre decided to snatch it back and drop it.. you didnt give me no song bro rolling on the floor on the floor, whyyyy.”

The Def Jam newly signed star didn’t end there, he continued by emphasizing his sentiment in what was considered as beef alert.

“LMAO why you just lie like that
@speedstabro I thought you were cool smh. Ses’thathana kancane 👍🏾 ngo-line wakho ke mata,” added Nasty.

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